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FLOM fully automatic glassware washer FL480

             FLOM fully automatic glassware washer FL480

    It is the first large cleaning system for laboratories in China.
    FLOM double doors (FDD) cabin is equipped, whose doors at both sides are driven mechanically and can be opened conveniently. The washing course is easy to be observed.

    Flom double touch(FD-TOUCH) screen display system stays ahead in the world.
    Flom is dedicated to developing humanized control system of FD-TOUCH for cleaning machine FL480, which can be handled in one side and opened in both sides so as to facilitates your use in daily life.

¡ñ¡ñProduct characteristics

    Equipped with 7.1"FD-TOUCH system, gives you full experience of the convenience brought by FDD cleaning tanks.

    Progressive inner circulation system can reduce energy consumption to more than 40% per unit, and is more economical and environmental.

    High-pressure spray (HPS) techniques are used in washing, disinfecting and drying of various common utensils.

    RS232 ports are provided to check and print cleaning data.
    FLOM short-message warning (FSMW) is optional.

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