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FLOM fully automatic glassware washer FL222


FLOM fully automatic glassware washer FL222
Equipment description:

FLOM lab glassware washerdisinfector consists of cleaningracks,cleanig system, rinsing system, self cleaning system and control circuit system. It can be connected to water sources of cold/ hot and deionized water to clean, disinfect and dry all kinds of lab glassware.

Equipment features:

The whole machine is stainless structure. The complete body is fabricated out of non-corrosive 304 Grade Stainless steel, while the inner chamber is made of Stainless Steel 316 Grade. Front button operating, fairshaped design with beautiful fine outlook.

The machine has automatic cleaning and disinfecting function, convenient cleaning and disinfecting steps, enable the machine to keep itself as well as the loaded material remaining clean with great extent possible.

The machine is fit to clean lab glassware like test-tube, beaker, flask, cylinder, volumetric flask, conical flask, etc. can be equipped with required cleaning racks based on user requirements.

It has 2 layers of racks, can be used in spraying style cleaning. the front pull-style safe door provides convenience of operation. There is rotating sprayer in the top of cleaning tank, with non-dead angle design, can clean various kinds of glassware overall and symmetrically. There¡¯s spraying waterspout on each disinfecting rack, (maximum to 16-32 individuals), which enables the cleaning liquid to spray into the glassware to be washed.

Product Advantages

1, Microcomputer control system, touch screen, PLC preset procedure, users can also set parameters and write program flexibly.
2,LCD displays all programmes preset, such as working stage, temperature, system breakdown etc., which makes it easier for operation and maintenance.
3,Pure water rinsing available, fully satisfy user¡¯s requirement on various feeding water sources.
4, Automatically control of Liquid level sensor, preventing lack of water and cleaning liquid.
5, Automatically control 2 cleaning pumps, distribute and add cleaning liquid automatically.
6, Automatically control volume of cleaning liquid, Keeping the best proportion of water and cleaning liquid.
7, Automatically diagnose faults, buzzer automatically alarms, automatic alarm and power-off when it¡¯s short of water or cleaning agent.
8, Preset programmes, self setting acceptable.
9, Many kinds of cleaning rack can meet washing of different sorts of glassware.
10,inbuilt water softeners, can be connected to tap water as inlet water( optional)
11,inbuilt 2 washiing liquid pump,washing liquid  automatically imported.
12,Equipped with 2 peristaltic pump,2 control liquid position sensor,preventing lack of water and washing liquid.
13, RS232 port, troubleshooting and programming by computer, can be connected to printer getting working data.
Inlet water suggested:
Prewashing, tap water can be adopted( water purifier is optional),
Terminal washing, better use deionized water, ensure labware usage requirement.

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