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FLOM fully automatic glassware washer FL160

Laboratory glassware washer FL160 Laboratory glassware washer disinfectors are ideal for medium sized research centers and laboratories to wash and dry all types of glassware and other items. An easy to install single door freestanding washer features two washing/drying levels with telescopic sliding rails on each sides. Operation is simple and minimizes the risks due to handling. FL160 fully automatic glassware washer is an updated design based on FL222 that has much improvement on exterior£¬parts and material used.Machine chamber is of one piece mould of 316 sanitary grade stainless steel.

System advantage:
Flom 160 is designed for cleaning various shaped glassware with big cleaning space, less foot space(600*630mm),with 4 omni- directional wheels on base, convenient to move,which allow the system to work within limited space.It can be coupled with drying, condensation system for auto drying of the loaded labware to reduce cost and time.There are different model of cleaning racks to be taken for various shaped flasks, big volume graduated cylinders, etc., The system can also be coupled with water softer and pure water machine for better feedwater conditions.

Widely used in science research center, college, hospital and medical treatment organizations for diversified shaped glassware including lab galss, ceramic, metal,plastic, rubber culture dish, micro cove glass, test tube, triangular flask, conical flask,beaker, graduated cylinder, wide month bottle,funnel,and vials etc.

Running program:
Prewash¡ªwashing liquid wash¡ªrinse¡ªhigh tempreture drying¡ªhige tempreture sterilizing.

Main characteristics:
Monolayer wash for big volume glassware like wide mouth bottle. Acid, alkali, or neutralized washing liquid are available for washing with different contamination grade.Compelet washing procedures of wash, dry and sterilizing through single programe. No need additional drying oven, and disinfection cabinet, reduce cost.
Washing chamber is partly of one piece mould 316 sanitary grade stainless steel, improve aesthetic extent, no leakage, imporve cleaning effectiveness, can be comparable with name brand.

Control system:
Programmable PLC intelligent control system
Contain at least 6 sets of standard washing mode and 12 service formulas, freely programmable, able to create and store more than 40 washing program,one touch wash function. 7inch LCD color touch screen. Washing procedures is displayed. User can set parameter on water tempreture, washing time, drying time, and washing liquid dispensing etc.,so as to have a more targeted washing, reduce cost and power consumption.For more specific programm requiement, please contact us directly, our engineering team will specially customize a detailed solution meeing customer requirement.
Inbuit CPU for orderly programme running. Printer can be connected for record of washing( optional) 3 level strictly safety system protection, operating without risk.

304 stainless steel exterior, 316 sanitary grade stainless steel one piece mould chamber, super anti corrosion.Double walled connectors much reduce noise, heat loss, so as to reduce cost.Inbuilt heating element, avoid scalding. Italy stainless steel reinforced booster pump, protsecondary pollution to water source.employ high grade stainless steel reinforced flexible hose, prevent secondary contamination to water source.self lock chamber door, when opening, system automatically lie off


Less water consumption, water consumption can reduce 20-30 compare to other
Standard configuration is 30-40 beakers, or 60-100 pc small test tube.
30 Mins for single pass wash, improve washing effeciency.
Low water consumption,high circulating speed, less washing liquid consumtion.

High tempreture wash
Water tempreture can be set up to 98 centigrade for wash with washing liquid.

Purified water/pure water/DI water preheating system
FL160 can be coupled with in built water softer, pure water machine.Water in stored in external storage tank can be preheated.

Water pump system:
Double circulating, total capacity 500L/hr., Preture up to 2kg, ensure Max washing effeciency, ensure no broken of the loaded labware.drain system employ seperate drain pump, ensure there¡¯s no contamination to water source and the pump.

Washing liquid dispense system:
Incorporate 2 detergent dispensing pumps,can automatically and precisely despense washing liquid.
2 detergent storage tanks(5L),ensure convenient and easy handling.
Single path valve is incoperated to each pump, ensure no backflow water to detergent tank.

Filtration system
Triple filtration system ensure only clean water( no particle) can be circulated inside the pump for longer pump service life.
Water tank employs triple layer filer that captures residues so that they are not re-circulated, thus lenthening pump life.

Dry condensation system:
Air filter cartridge with environmental protection grade filtration device, coupled with 2000W heating power fan dryer.
Drying time can be set between 0-300mins, heat drying procesure followed by condensation drying, ensure labware cool.
Incorperated condensation device, can collect & turn the vapor into condensated water and backflow to water tank, prevent vapor inflation, ensure no vapor contamination to laboratory.
Cleaning basket
Employ 304 grade stainless steel cleaning basket, double layer, monolayer ( for higher labware)hollow inlet water spraying holders for efficient cleaning of the chamber, demountable holders,convenient for various shaped labware.

Pipeline equipment:
1X for feeding water, presure 200-1000Mpa
Water inlet pipe 3/4spiral screwed union. Screwed heat resisting material drain pipe, can be connected to drainage facility.
Power connection
Single phase AC 220-250V/50Hz( triple phase 380V optional)
Optional     heat drying system, water softernersystem
Technical parameter
External dimension £º670 * 600 * 1610 mm  Chamber dimension£º500 * 550 * 630 mm
Water tank capacity£º25L                  Scavenging pump power rate£º750W
Heating power rate £º 2000W 
Scavenging effeciency£ºstandard configuration 16pc* double layer£¨customized design available£©
Effective Max. Height£º20cm(for bottom layer£©¡¢15cm£¨upper layer£©£¬monolayer 45cm
Washing liquid allocated£ºacid¡¢alkaline respectively 5L¡¢2 supply pump
Single pass water consumption£º50-70L
Single pass cleaningtime£º20-30min
Washing mode£ºspraying from inside (the holder syringe) the top, the bottom 360¡ãwithout dead angle.
Operation system£ºsingle chip  5.0blue touch screen ( standard configuration)
¡¢PLC 4.3inch clolor touch screen(higher configuration)

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