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Mini laboratory Tangential Flow Membrance Separation System

The Characteristics of Mini laboratory Tangential Flow Membrance Separation System

    ¡ñLaboratory 50cm2 flat membrance is selected from noted brand Pall, and is of PES(polyethersulfone) material, matching molecular weight of 650D¡¢1KD¡¢3KD¡¢5KD¡¢10KD¡¢30KD¡¢50KD¡¢70KD¡¢100KD¡¢300KD¡¢500KD¡¢1000KD. Molecular weight of flat membrance can be determined by analyzing separated feed liquid ingredients.

    ¡ñImported peristaltic pump with high stability is used to regulate flow with intelligent one-button within a range of 50ml/min-600ml/min, which meets needs of all 50cm2 flat membrances from Pall branded.

    ¡ñA miniature magnetic stirrer produced by Flom itself possesses function of heating and stirring, and can raise temperature, lower viscosity, and improve separation efficiency.

    ¡ñFull automatic SCM(Single Chip Micyoco) touch operating system, with online display of flow, pressure, temperature, and can evaluate separation results in comparison with historical information.

    ¡ñLess liquids left, concentration efficiency is up to 99.5%.

    ¡ñThree plat membrances(different molecular weight) can be installed simultaneously, so there is no need of changing membrances during separating and concentrating.

Laboratory membrance separation system can be applied in£º

    ¡ñConcentration and desalination of protein,peptide and DNA.
    ¡ñRecycling antibodies or recombinant proteins from the cell culture medium after clarification.
    ¡ñHandling metal-sensitive enzyme and molecule.
    ¡ñSeparation of biological molecules of different sizes.
    ¡ñConcentration of virus or gene therapy carriers.
    ¡ñPreparation of laboratory samples for tomographic processing.
    ¡ñConcentration of samples after gel filtration.
    ¡ñRemoving pyrogen from water, buffer solution and medium solution.

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