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A New Innovative Product Of FLOM : LCD Numerical Control Magnetic Stirrer

    Qingdao FLOM Technology Co. Ltd. is a enterprise built for technical bureau invites investments.FLOM always adhere to technical innovation and stay ahead of potential rivals.Recently  FLOM has launched  a new innovation¡ª¡ªLCD Numerical Control Magnetic Stirrer.

    Magnetic stirrers are suitable to be used in the mixture of low viscosity liquid and solid-liquid, mainly applied in chemical synthesis, physicochemical analysis, bio-pharmaceuticals, materials science, and so on.

FLOM LCD Numerical Control Magnetic Stirrer Description:

    Stainless steel work plates are of good heat uniformity and resistance to chemical corrosion. The heating type magnestic stirrer can be joined with an outside temperature sensor , which is plug and play, and can monitor the actual temperature of samples in real-time.

    PID temperature control technology has a fine control of heating process, during which the target temperature can be reached quickly and accurate temperature control is carried out, with heated temperature as high as 340¡æ and long time of continuous and stable operation.

FLOM LCD Numerical Control Magnetic Stirrer Advantage:

    ¡ñIt is easy to use and has humanized control system.

    ¡ñRS232 computer communication ports£¬remote-controlled.

    ¡ñThe real-time working curve can be shown and the data saved.

    ¡ñStainless steel plate£¬enclosed aluminium alloy shell£¬good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.

    ¡ñEquipped with independent safety circuits, in which safety temperature of work plate can be set, and automatic power-off of heating plate is realized when safety temperature is exceeded, then work plate will stop being heated.

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