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FLOM will attend the 15th Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis.

    Beijing Conference and Exhibition on Instrumental Analysis (BCEIA),has been a biennial professional international event with its aim to promote academic exchanges among the related scientists of various countries and trade cooperation between the concerned Chinese and foreign partners in this field.

    BCEIAsponsored by the China Association for Instrumental Analysis, and approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, PRC has developed into the largest and most influential international academic conference and exhibition in this field in China.

    As a well-known manufacturer professionally research and develop lab water purification system£¬industry water treatment syetem and desalination equipment,Qingdao Flom technology CO.will send the elite team and carry the latest products and technologies to participate in 2013BCEIA.Now the preparations for 2013BECIA are under way. 

    Stay tuned!

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